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Dairy Industries

In Dairy industry out of the total power requirement, around 60% of power is required only for refrigeration unit. ARMEC has done extensive research on reducing this power consumption and came up with the Expandable Skid Mounted Ammonia Milk Chilling Plant.

Advantages of Our Chilling Plant
  • It saves up to 40% power in comparison to conventional refrigeration plant.
  • Factory tested, Portable and ready to install.
  • Fully automatic.
  • No need of operator.
  • Only 50 Kg ammonia gas required.
  • 66% space saving compared to IBT system.
  • Oil return from oil separator is also Automatic.
  • Can be expanded as per the need and load.

Conventional IBT (Ice Bank Tank) ARMEC Made EST (Energy Storage Tank)
Conventional IBT is connected with refrigeration plant
(Inside Coil)
ARMEC EST is without inside coil
Proper insulation is not there, so Cooling losses are very High. ARMEC EST is completely closed and all side puff insulation is there, so no cooling losses.
IBT is fixed, so you can’t move that IBT ARMEC EST is portable and can be moved anywhere.
Efficiency decreases gradually. ARMEC EST gives constant efficiency.
IBT requires large floor space EST requires 1/3rd space than the conventional IBT
Main reason for the popularity of IBT is it stores energy at night or when power is there and gives energy and gibes energy when it requires ARMEC EST is run on inverter principle it stores energy at night or when power is there and gives energy when it requires.




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New development

  • 40 % power saving ammonia chilling plant for Dairy industry
  • Power saving and 20 % more efficient chilling plant for chemical industry.