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Freon Chilling Plant

  • Large size chiller and condenser for any environmental conditions.
  • A number of safety interlocks including functional controls of compressor, fan , pumps etc.
  • Comfort in high operation, easy maintenance and less number of switching operations.
  • Available with touch screen programmable logical control (PLC), easy in function, digital indication and fault details for troubleshooting operations.
  • Chiller is made for any type of industrial applications.
  • User friendly operations of electrical as well as refrigeration.
  • Total independent refrigeration circuit
  • Antifreeze protection
  • Can sense pressure of system digitally
  • Anti vibrators for compressors.
  • PID based temperature controller
  • With over load protections for compressor, pump ,fan etc.
ARMEC MADE reciprocating chilling / Chilling Plant

We Design and Manufacture Ammonia based Packaged Chillers/Chilling Plants up to (-) 40° C, at our Factory situated at Changodar, Ahmedabad, which is one of the Developed Industrial Areas of Gujarat. The System is designed in accordance with latest National and International Standards.

We offer range of Packaged Chiller/Chilling Plant with Water Cooled Type.

Condenser, Hermetic, Semi Hermetic, Open Type Reciprocating, Screw etc. type compressors, Evaporators, Complete Control Panel, Expansion Valve, Electrical Panel with Complete Interlocking System and fault Indication. The Packaged Chillers are tested for more than 48 hours under our stringent quality control System. Physical inspection and performance run trial of Packaged Chillers, is always insisted to the Client before dispatch.

Technical Description
  • Optimum Operating Parameters

    With ARMEC Chillers Capacities, Temperature, Refrigerant and the choice of ancillaries can be tailored to individual requirements.

  • Variable Packaged Contents

    Dependent of customer wishes the Packaged can include components say for example the Compressor, Drive Motors, Pumps, Panels etc.

  • Compact Package

    ARMEC Packages are delivered complete with internal piping, instrumentation, writing and ready for connection to the customer system immediately on arrival at site.

  • Simple Operating System

    All Operation and maintenance elements are accessible from one side for easy operation and maintenance.

  • On Site Utilities

    ARMEC Packages does not require any site and are Ready to use type.

Screw chillers

We manufacture and supply wide Ammonia based Screw Chillers, with Water Cooled with variety of (Low / Medium) temperature range up to (-) 40 Deg C.

We provide varied range and makes of Screw Compressors with Single and Twin Screw arrangements and with required fittings.

We Provide Screw Chillers with Environment Friendly and HFC Free Refrigerant Ammonia.

Selection of Excellent and first grade Raw material and fittings, and Experienced, Excellent and Quality workmanship is the key to guaranteeing Screw Chiller Quality.

  • Full Product Range Suitable for Low Temperature and Medium Temperature Applications
  • High Performance Compressors manufactured by specialized manufacturer like (JE HALL, BITZER, REFCOMP, FUSHENG, etc.), is adopted to ensure that the Chiller is Economical and durable.
  • Precise Capacity Control 3 Steps/ 4 Steps or Continuous – Step less Capacity Control System. Both the Capacity Control System consists of Modulation Slide Valve, piston rod, cylinder and piston rings.
  • Advanced control algorithm is adopted to control chiller in advance and hence avoid frequent stoppage.
  • High Efficiency, Energy Saving & Low Operating Cost.
  • Wide Operating Range.
  • Automatic PLC Control.
  • Robust and Simplified Structure, high reliability.
  • Top Level Efficiency, Energy Efficient Performance and Long Lasting Reliability.
  • Maximum Accessibility and Total Connectivity.
  • High Energy Efficiency

    Variation in the Load of the Plant, whether seasonal or Daily, mean that the Chiller functions mainly with partial loads. The high number of capacity Steps available, the capacity to supply a load that meets the needs of the Chiller with less power absorption and the optimization of performance with partial loads distinctive features of these chillers, allow attainment of the high level of EER energy efficiency.
    High Energy efficiency means more respect for the environment and more cost savings. Conforming to ASME, TEMA Standards.

Scroll chillers

ARMEC designs and manufacture High Efficiency Freon Based Scroll Chillers, with Deafness / Copeland make Scroll Compressors.

Chillers are offered with Air Cooled and Water Cooled Options.

ARMEC Manufactures Scroll Chillers starting from 5TR Capacity up to 20TR Capacity with Single Compressor System, and then after we offer multiple Compressor System, as per requirement. Chillers are available with varied range of Refrigerants like Freon R 22, R 404a, R 407c, R 507, R 134a etc.

Energy-efficient chillers to suit Indian conditions.

Scroll Chillers design ensures that they operate efficiently even at high ambient temperatures that are frequently encountered in many parts of India / Abroad. These chillers are not only easy to install and commission but also ideally suited for handling varying load applications due to their multiple compressor configuration.

  • Reliable and highly energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • Mega power savings with tandem scroll models
  • Tropicalised design for high ambient temperatures up to 52° C
  • Auto distribution of load for efficient running of the chiller
  • Capacity modulation ensures that only required number of compressors operate to handle the load, thus saving power
  • Lower electrical infrastructure cost
  • Quiet operation
  • Aesthetic and innovative design not only to match your main machine standards, but also operator friendly
  • Provides easy to work environment
  • Power saving up to 30% compared to other conventional chilling plants, economy through simplicity
  • UCM System is most powerful and reliable system which saves your electricity bill.
  • Easy to operate, with all ultra modern facility through touch screen operations, online help etc. available with plug& play (Optional) control panel
  • Designed for Indian operating conditions
  • It is High Side Dry Cooling System, so no requirement of water.

World wide clients

New development

  • 40 % power saving ammonia chilling plant for Dairy industry
  • Power saving and 20 % more efficient chilling plant for chemical industry.